🏆Euro 2020 Knockout Stage Highlights🏆 (Italy, England, France, Spain & more!)
Check out the Group Stage highlights...
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442oons was created by me... Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah ... and now I've got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation... (which is why the animation looks better)
Bravo Mike Myler, James Williams, Lauren Bagstaff and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days too).
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  • Maria Casagrande
    Maria Casagrande

    0:24 thief

  • Avinish Iyanish Loll
    Avinish Iyanish Loll

    The euro 2020 is unfair

  • Bình Nguyễn Đăng
    Bình Nguyễn Đăng

    12:02 : Wait, Jorginho can see the Viet Cong Viet Cong = Vietnam?

  • Eyisab brolin Eyisab
    Eyisab brolin Eyisab

    5:05 😂😂😂

  • Eyisab brolin Eyisab
    Eyisab brolin Eyisab

    5:59 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 keep goin

  • Michelo Bomberfake
    Michelo Bomberfake

    Marco arnautovic Will play in serie A next season😂😂😂

  • Magnus Rifseim
    Magnus Rifseim

    Did denmark dirty w that video title

  • Cihan Karakurt
    Cihan Karakurt

    ı'm addicted to this video because of the great songs.

  • Football Talks with Javier
    Football Talks with Javier

    Even Maltese National Team Scored more in european world cup qualifiers than mbappe in the euros..

  • Raga Ravipati
    Raga Ravipati

    I died laughing when Thomas said belloti vs Spanish karius

  • Þorbjörn Úlfur Viðarsson
    Þorbjörn Úlfur Viðarsson

    Remembering England loat just makes me so sad.

  • amos Malsawmzuala
    amos Malsawmzuala

    To be real when mbappe missed that penalty, it broke my heart

  • RazvanelulPeMotor


  • Jorge Bascones Gómez
    Jorge Bascones Gómez


  • Rajanish V Pillai
    Rajanish V Pillai

    9:03 is that's why they sold mbappe?

  • Steven Beadle
    Steven Beadle

    Love the 21 pilots reference

  • Pieter Jansen
    Pieter Jansen


  • Rangoon Courier
    Rangoon Courier

    Can you do a euro 2020 song knockout

  • Rita Giampaolo
    Rita Giampaolo

    13:36 422ons predict the final

  • spam account
    spam account

    "theres no way im selling shaq" 1 month later sells shaq

  • TC Gaming
    TC Gaming

    Donnarumma got player of the tournament but didn’t get the golden glove smh

  • Anvols

    even though it says morata will score the score was 1-1

  • Anvols

    14:12 and a euro trophy comes out of nowhere next to the 0-0

  • Anvols

    13:39 they predicted they will vs Italy in the final and this was before the semis begon

  • Welp

    Italy: winners Cr7: golden boot Donaruma: player of the tournament Sterling: golden diving medalist

    • Welp

      @peak lul no the whole England team because if Sterling didn’t dive then they wouldn’t of made it

    • peak lul
      peak lul

      Should be the entire Italian squad who get the golden diving medal

  • Leo Kuveždić
    Leo Kuveždić

    Eriksen an asteroids

  • Dennis Liu
    Dennis Liu

    4:19 Arnautovic does move to Serie A.... Wow what a prediction

  • Harry Barry
    Harry Barry


  • WoolooSquad

    Italy are diving cheats it should've been Belgium or Spain and ur cheaters 🇮🇹bad. England good

  • Matthew Stieglitz
    Matthew Stieglitz

    8:26 Hugo saved the wrong pen! 😂

  • OLIH 123 Racing
    OLIH 123 Racing

    Everytime they make an ‘It’s coming home video’ England lose the next game

  • tapashi banerjee
    tapashi banerjee


  • Prajwal Karthikeya
    Prajwal Karthikeya

    Ronaldo looks cool with that hat!

  • Hashem OP
    Hashem OP


  • Jenn Lim
    Jenn Lim


  • Dalibor Cigić
    Dalibor Cigić

    Erovsko prvenstvom🏅🏆🥇🎖

  • LengaJenga


  • KipKopKex

    17:10 the coldest line in all of 442oons

  • Meloneh

    "Football is coming home" yeah on 30th of February

  • Luigi Esposito
    Luigi Esposito

    Its coming Rome

  • ryanhughes2020

    poor jota

  • Daniyal Mohammad
    Daniyal Mohammad

    Italy cheated

  • Mai buiphuongmai1710
    Mai buiphuongmai1710


  • Mattia Novello
    Mattia Novello

    13:35 well that aged like milk

  • james kirby
    james kirby

    Italy: Winners Italy: Oscar Winners Italy: The dirtiest team Italy: the mother fu**ers

  • Richard Knowles
    Richard Knowles

    Kai Havertz cracked me up!😂

  • Mahin

    We want The Frontmen season 3

  • WARS MrRamzy
    WARS MrRamzy

    Your Videos Are Boring Now I Think Your Content Is Finish Best Of Luck For Your New Videos 👌🏻

    • Alistair Kane
      Alistair Kane


  • Kemal

    Man i wanna see footballers attempts olympics sports, but i guess dean are on holiday now

  • Robloxgamer

    Can you do flashback 2004 England vs Portgual

  • Roy

    Hey 44$h11ty 200ns when is the frontmen seoson 3 I want to share my hillarious jokes AHAHAHAHAH

  • Antares

    sad dean, no materials to post since both pre-seasons and olympics are irrelevant😂

  • Imelda Flores
    Imelda Flores

    Do copa oro

  • Clipzツ

    Gold cup

  • Fraser Donald
    Fraser Donald

    Not there

  • Fraser Donald
    Fraser Donald

    Why is sweden v urkrain 2_1

  • legend  of trickshots
    legend of trickshots

    Plzz frontmen goalkeeper attempt rene hugita scorpion king

  • Vi kiet Sy
    Vi kiet Sy

    Do a Q&A with messi , i have a question is do Neymar still your's BFF


    Requesting frontmen season 3

  • Luko Dukez gaming, skating, swimming
    Luko Dukez gaming, skating, swimming

    hey 442onns

  • Powder Nuts78
    Powder Nuts78

    Not dead because the premier league is not there yet


    dead channel

    • someone who no ones ever heard of
      someone who no ones ever heard of

      @Delolstoper ur not wrong lmao

    • RNG-Bananaツ

      @Delolstoper booom

    • Delolstoper

      Shalke is a dead club🙃

  • Ray

    Requested by everyone tbh, 442oons needs to make never ghana give you up in celebration of never gonna give you up hitting a billion views

  • Chris Hannam
    Chris Hannam

    Dean please do a SANCHO or VARANE first Day at Manchester United, it will be Good to see both of them In the New Season

  • Amir Omidi
    Amir Omidi

    What a year. No silverware for England

  • FanOfl4ndo Norri s
    FanOfl4ndo Norri s

    dead channel

    • Monica Munguia
      Monica Munguia

      @Delolstoper The Gold Cup 😂

    • Delolstoper

      He has nothing to post as premier league hasn’t started yet

    • xTTV Fatalx
      xTTV Fatalx

      that's rich coming from you.

  • Iago Ferreira
    Iago Ferreira

    Do an olympics video

  • alexo Le saucisson-pigeon Syrien
    alexo Le saucisson-pigeon Syrien

    20:46 chellini screams KIRICCOCHO

  • I like soccer
    I like soccer

    Deans just got a free thousand views from me

  • I like soccer
    I like soccer

    Do Halland and MBappe q and a

  • AZG

    Make a video Varan left real

  • Umut Deniz
    Umut Deniz

    Galatasaray plase

  • yamen

    U are still alive Dean?!

    • eman2091

      maybe hes waiting for the premier league season

    • Delolstoper

      He has nothing to post

    • messigician?!

      It's just the dark arts.

  • Game Kingdom
    Game Kingdom

    video theory:footballers attempt drogba's backhell goal vs real madrid

    • messigician?!

      @Maria Hernandez you're a chad tho 😳😳😳

    • Maria Hernandez
      Maria Hernandez

      @messigician?! boy*

    • messigician?!

      @Maria Hernandez maria the chad

    • Maria Hernandez
      Maria Hernandez

      idea * lmao 😂 theory

    • messigician?!

      i don't think you know what a theory is

  • עמית פרחן
    עמית פרחן


  • amany gad
    amany gad

    Italy deserves it I love italy except bonuchi

  • YaliG

    Dean are you ok mate? Just answer

  • The Only Rimon King
    The Only Rimon King

    Do a Q&A video with Haaland & Mbappe

  • Just 2 bears
    Just 2 bears

    442oons make a video on how Lille finally dethroned PSG

    • Just 2 bears
      Just 2 bears

      @Eric Lazo Vilorio Guess you are right, they only make videos on the farmers league in France

    • Eric Lazo Vilorio
      Eric Lazo Vilorio

      Dean doesn't make Ligue 1 videos

  • Messi_10 Pros
    Messi_10 Pros

    PLEASE Sancho factor

  • Soggy Lobster
    Soggy Lobster

    It’s not often 442oons go 2 weeks without a video. This either means we’re getting the 2021/22 Premier League introduction or the beginning of the end.

    • Zombieking2701

      It’s probably dean taking a break or just not really having anything to make a vid about

  • Bakary92i cb de malakoff
    Bakary92i cb de malakoff

    France .....

  • DIY Gamer
    DIY Gamer

    kevin de bruyne is becoming my favourite now with the let me talk

  • 442oons Shots(Fanmade)
    442oons Shots(Fanmade)

    Do Varane And Sancho's First Day At Man Utd

  • DIY Gamer
    DIY Gamer

    Jose and Wenger what a duo

  • Boaz Bett
    Boaz Bett

    New vids please

  • QwX Chaos
    QwX Chaos


  • QwX Chaos
    QwX Chaos


  • Busy Bee
    Busy Bee

    the sound went germany vs engaland is a disgrace

  • Teen boi D-Gamer
    Teen boi D-Gamer

    Who also miss the hat trick club

  • BalayBalay

    Make a video where suarez chew muller because of atleti lost against bayern

  • shno dasha
    shno dasha

    Some of the players are monsters Like giants

  • shno dasha
    shno dasha

    Is it foot ball or golf ball

  • Eggsandwich

    Where is Danmark czhec republik

  • Asha Raj
    Asha Raj

    First Uruguayan appeared in a 442oons Video - Luis Suarez First French Guy appeared in a 442oons Video - Arsene Wenger First Spanish Guys appeared in a 442oons Video - Juan Mata and Rafael Benitez First Serb appeared in a 442oons Video - Branislav Ivanovic First Portuguese appeared in a 442oons video - Jose Mourinho First Northern Irish appeared in a 442oons Video - Brendan Rodgers First Germans appeared in a 442oons Video - Andre Schurrle and Mesut Ozil First Welsh Guys appeared in a 442oons Video - Gareth Bale and Ryan Giggs First Ivorian appeared in a 442oons Video - Yaya Toure First Chilean appeared in a 442oons Video - Manuel Pellegrini First Argentine appeared in a 442oons Video - Lionel Messi First Brazilian appeared in a 442oons Video - David Luiz First Italian appeared in a 442oons Video - Mario Balotelli First Senegalese Guy appeared in a 442oons Video - Demba Ba First Czech appeared in a 442oons Video - Petr Cech First Gibraltarian appeared in a 442oons Video - Eva Carneiro First Dutch appeared in a 442oons Video - Otman Bakkal First Greek guy appeared in a 442oons Video - Georgios Samaras First Croatian appeared in a 442oons Video - Mario Mandzukic First Bosnian appeared in a 442oons Video - Edin Dzeko First Scottish guy appeared in a 442oons Video - David Moyes First Cameroonian appeared in a 442oons Video - Samuel Eto'o First Costa Rican appeared in a 442oons Video - Bryan Ruiz First American appeared in a 442oons Video - John W Henry First Belgian appeared in a 442oons Video - Marouane Fellaini (On a photo shown by Moyes) First Togolese appeared in a 442oons Video - Emmanuel Adebayor First Swedish Guy appeared in a 442oons Video - Zlatan Ibrahimovic First Spanish - Brazilian appeared in a 442oons Video - Diego Costa First Swiss appeared in a 442oons Video - Yann Sommer First Irish Appeared in a 442oons Video - Roy Keane First South Korean appeared in a 442oons Video - Park Ji Sung First Danish appeared in a 442oons Video - Nicklas Bendtner First Polish appeared in a 442oons Video - Wojciech Szsczeny First Russian appeared in a 442oons Video - Roman Abramovich First Israeli appeared in a 442oons Video - Avram Grant First Colombian appeared in a 442oosn Video - James Rodriguez First Japanese guy appeared in a 442oons Video - Maya Yoshida First Algerian appeared in a 442oons Video - Riyad Mahrez First Gabonese guy appeared in a 442oons Video - Pierre Emerick Aubameyang First Iranian appeared in a 442oons Video - Alireza Haghighi First Canadian appeared in a 442oons Video - Alphonso Davies First Mexican appeared in a 442oons Video - Guillermo Ochoa First Slovakian appeared in a 442oons Video - Martin Skrtel First Slovenian appeared in a 442oons Video - Jan Oblak

  • Jaleel Kanté
    Jaleel Kanté

    I nearly forgot to say this, Happy 8th anniversary 4-4-2oons! You have come a long way since 2013!

  • Raphael Varane
    Raphael Varane

    Do varane and Sancho first day at Manchester United

  • Anvols

    Euro 2020 in 2 minutes pls

  • Nizar Speelt Games NL
    Nizar Speelt Games NL

    English people: ItS cOmInG hOmE Italian people: No, ITS COMING TO ROME

    • messigician?!

      Everyone when you put a lot of empty spaces: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😃🤣😃🤣😃🤣😃😂🙂😂🙂😂😜🤩🤪😍😝😍🤑🤑🤭🤐🤭🤐😏😝🤪

  • I think more than my life
    I think more than my life

    *there thing we learn about People and Cristiano Ronaldo* *SUUUUUUUUUUUUUU* *SHEEEEEEEESSSSHHHH*