💖FOOTBALL BLIND DATE!💖(Starring Messi Ronaldo Neymar Frontmen 3.2)
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  • Whippy

    my favorite character is timo because romelu is giving them threats and timo just thinks everyone is being nice to him and he just sounds so innocent

  • Harderson d.brenday
    Harderson d.brenday

    The guttural H habitual fiberglass biomechanically sail because mailbox isely amuse circa a irritating development. halting, evasive back

  • Revelation Playz
    Revelation Playz

    They deserve their own separate channel

  • Jay


  • Milos Kandic
    Milos Kandic

    Sofo is gay

  • Kozije Mliko
    Kozije Mliko

    Where Darlene

  • Leo Music
    Leo Music

    Totally not taken from sidemen , shame of you Chris

    • Leo Music
      Leo Music

      Chris Ronal

  • Tsank Sadikaj
    Tsank Sadikaj

    The last one was so jokes

  • Advait 123
    Advait 123

    That was luke De Jong right

  • sadboykilla愛はない

    Ronaldo's reaction to Muller's blind date pun 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 442oons got the best banter

  • Alexsandro 45
    Alexsandro 45

    Epico amigo

  • Collins Simiyu
    Collins Simiyu

    Nobody: Timo werner : man can't catch a break 😂😂😂

  • Eohwolf


    • max loves forza 💯
      max loves forza 💯

      it’s the uh oh😂😂

  • Al Sabah
    Al Sabah

    I like how Mo Salah is releaved when Ronaldo clarifies that he was saying everyone should answer

  • Subodh Chhetri
    Subodh Chhetri

    Werner: Where will kiss land🤣

  • Bai Jaaan
    Bai Jaaan

    Muller it's not like pen in Euro 2020 final

  • Mixster06

    2:30 Salah oof🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Maishe Mojapelo
    Maishe Mojapelo



    Best Frontmen at this moment will be Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi Neymar Jr K. Mbappe E. Haaland R. Lewansdowski M.Salah Z. Ibrahimovic L. Suarez K. Benzema or T. Mullar for some comedy

  • Zayn the beast
    Zayn the beast

    And yet ronaldo's dead corpse has scored more than messi

  • Nishita Praharaj
    Nishita Praharaj

    Petition for Jamie Vardy to be part of the Frontmen


    I almost thought he said he was trans lol

  • Mr. Buttler
    Mr. Buttler

    4:23 harry kane

  • Coleção Tattoo
    Coleção Tattoo

    Melhor Tatuagem do Lionel Messi : pleyes.info/port/wideo/v5iKnaHXqJqlj2Y Best Tattoo Of Lionel Messi : pleyes.info/port/wideo/v5iKnaHXqJqlj2Y

  • Tharun

    3:45 nahhhh im dead

  • Shofarul K
    Shofarul K

    Salah's FSG 😂

  • Devastator

    I love that Thomas Muller got the girl of his dreams lol

  • Bastian Sartowski
    Bastian Sartowski

    Ciao bambino "oh oh" i Love it

  • Sheehan Roy
    Sheehan Roy

    pleyes.info/port/wideo/qmZ8g6K1gpyZoXc A true cr7 fan will watch this !!

  • Marinho Marinho
    Marinho Marinho

    Gal Gadot ❤️❤️

  • Fresh Memes007
    Fresh Memes007

    7:13 have you every realized their was one Barca player

  • Aime Breton Nininahazwe
    Aime Breton Nininahazwe


  • Aime Breton Nininahazwe
    Aime Breton Nininahazwe

    Keep it up

  • Martin Jiji
    Martin Jiji

    bro plz make ronaldo messi and neymar the main 3

  • Doki

    Blind Dating

    • Doki

      I Guess...

    • Doki


    • Doki


  • Akintunde Akinbayo
    Akintunde Akinbayo

    I love this channel man 🤣🤣

  • FINK


  • Ethan Jzl
    Ethan Jzl


  • Eryk Czerwinski
    Eryk Czerwinski

    Cool video

  • Raph O9
    Raph O9

    What a weird way to get married

  • •L E X I•ఌ
    •L E X I•ఌ

    I LOVE HARRY KANE LMAOO 6:13 Kane: Good day, it’s Harry Kane, MBE Suarez: it’s supposed to be blind dating Harry you don’t say who you are! Harry: *Pipe down Freddie Mercury* 💀😂😭😭🤚🏽

  • •L E X I•ఌ
    •L E X I•ఌ

    HARRY KANE THOOOO 4:16 Timo: and then we’d sail off into the sunset Lola: into the what? Timo: the sunset :) Lola: the thumbset? Harry Kane: THE SHHUNSHHET. *are you deaf.?* 💀💀🤚🏽😂😭

  • Tavgaming

    nice voido '

  • Sudays Abdellah
    Sudays Abdellah

    The old lady is juventus if u didnt understood

  • ioakeim pantazis
    ioakeim pantazis

    You bulied griezmann to a haircut.

  • ovoj 𓆲
    ovoj 𓆲

    Someone should reality recommend this to the Sidemen🤣😭

  • Tristan Chan
    Tristan Chan

    bruh the fact that Harry Kane is wearing a man city underwear when he's at Tottenham lmao

  • ZestyZavier

    Congratulations, Thomas Muller for getting married in 442oons! L-O-La! Also, I'm really excited for Episode 3 of The Frontmen! *Makes F with fingers*

  • poke yinon
    poke yinon

    וואו הגל גדות היה מתחת לחגורה חחח

  • Evenor de Jesús Vargas Centeno
    Evenor de Jesús Vargas Centeno

    Por fin Halaand pudo salir de esa puerta 👍😁

  • Not 2 busy
    Not 2 busy

    This is the way . . . . . to Haa-land !!

  • pes mobi-lle
    pes mobi-lle

    We want to see Sule protecting Muller when lukaku stares at him

  • ataladin 87
    ataladin 87

    0:36 Ronaldo's *"WHAAAAT?!?!?!"* gave me a good laugh.

  • Cappichioni Junior
    Cappichioni Junior

    I'm trans......😂😂😂you cheeky bastards

  • antoni konte
    antoni konte

    well that part with muller was basically 2.0 version of how joker met harly quinn

  • Thekla M
    Thekla M

    Suarez is my fav 442oons character 😄

    • sk king
      sk king

      Mine is Cristiano and neymar

  • Edward Bloomer
    Edward Bloomer

    Salah when the explosion set off!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hawo Kiin
    Hawo Kiin


  • trflashrooms

    make griezmann first day atletico madrid

  • Skipper hussein
    Skipper hussein

    Make all videos like this The songs are bullshit And make videos shit to So i hope all the videos be like this , just talk with each other without songs

  • Gia Huy Pham
    Gia Huy Pham

    Timo Werner getting something in the net? Impossible Jack Grealish 2021

  • Antony Francis
    Antony Francis

    It feels painful to see Rono in the second row.

  • Ememobong Umoessien
    Ememobong Umoessien

    So many burns🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
      Heinz Doofenshmirtz

      Especially coming from Lola.

  • giorgi makatsaria
    giorgi makatsaria

    Can you do griezmans first day at atleticko with new hair

  • Mang Jamet
    Mang Jamet

    something's wrong...No wants Real Madrid and Barcelona Kit Againts???🤔😟😌....

  • football goat
    football goat

    Do grizman fist dat at atlateco madrid

  • SqrnolXP

    Swap grealish for Lewandowski pls

  • Robert Kamiński
    Robert Kamiński

    Now make Poland vs England

  • pranav 11
    pranav 11

    Best recent video😂

  • Abo 3rb أبو عرب
    Abo 3rb أبو عرب

    haaland to team ronaldo

  • Galih Ramadhan
    Galih Ramadhan

    ESES POP 2021-2022

  • Karabo Mohale
    Karabo Mohale

    The thunset 😂😂😂😂

  • Nicola Freda
    Nicola Freda

    Barry manilow yes 🤣

  • George Omon
    George Omon

    Old lady kill it all 😂

    • Heinz Doofenshmirtz
      Heinz Doofenshmirtz

      And it is very ironic that she called Ron a traitor, she is the real traitor by not wanting to leave the ESL.

  • Tanmay Prakash
    Tanmay Prakash

    Gal Gadot Can act when she tries to , Roast was epic though 🤣

  • Curtley

    What about Saul first day at Chelsea plz 🥺

  • Osamede Stgt
    Osamede Stgt

    Lol was mach Müller

  • INDRA27

    Ronaldo giving orderspleyes.info/port/wideo/mIBlcHPOaXqzYqU

  • Olufunmilola Omehe
    Olufunmilola Omehe

    Please do footballers read mean tweets 3

  • Ruby Yasmin
    Ruby Yasmin

    Do a vid on the World Cup qualifiers

  • abtin nazari
    abtin nazari

    You can see the email and any files or previous email I am not sure what you think you are doing

  • abtin nazari
    abtin nazari

    Ihsacshidbbdyiwwdbhisdkhbdkhbdi har du några i några minuter och det var inte bara att jag har inte undermenyer Bildt träffade Irans har inte undermenyer

    • abtin nazari
      abtin nazari


    • abtin nazari
      abtin nazari


  • darrennorniron

    Amazing ending

  • Nicklas Rasmussen
    Nicklas Rasmussen

    Müller not in dortmund

  • Leniwy Sid
    Leniwy Sid

    5:27 howdid she now that's messi?

  • Breath Eater
    Breath Eater

    Plz do the griezmann haircut video

  • Bully Maguire
    Bully Maguire

    It was like sidemen

  • Edwin Thomas
    Edwin Thomas

    Neymar's sound is funny

  • giorgios paraskeva
    giorgios paraskeva

    Pls do messi first day at PSG

  • Stoque Uzumaki
    Stoque Uzumaki

    Olá eu sou do Brasil você pode fazer um A a Z do Ronaldo fenômeno

  • INDRA27

    Funny Ronaldo toon Man utd:pleyes.info/port/wideo/r6Bxf6HZoYPJmI8

  • Goofy

    when u r such a meme that u replace lukaku from being in frontmen

  • Goofy

    it really hurts to see messi in psg jersey in frontmen ;-; feels good to see cr7 in man utd jersey

  • Nov Sovannara
    Nov Sovannara

    Halland should make his own movie


    MSN vs MHCR/ (Mbappe, Haaland CR7) WINN MHCR7 pls

  • Jasmeet Singh
    Jasmeet Singh

    Harry Kane with City shorts 🤣

  • Biel 2101
    Biel 2101

    Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷bbrrraaaasssiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllll just to know I'm from Brazil and in Brazil it's written with the letter S ok

  • Padma Dasari
    Padma Dasari

    Where is CR7 Q n A??

  • Shira Mibenge
    Shira Mibenge

    Yes haalind reters

  • user o23
    user o23

    Clu dd needed 😊😂🇳🇵